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What is the Quarry?
The quarry is your go-to place for many custom ores we offer on the server! This is ranging from Copper to Emeralds to Uranium, these ores are very rare, and will require you to reach certain levels to mine them! As a newcomer, you'll be able to mine Coal. This will then allow you to start increasing your Mining Skill, and as you level this up and reach specific requirements you'll be able to mine more! The requirements are different for each ore.

How will enchantments work?
When you enter this world all of your main enchantments will be disabled! You can however receive books from playing normally! These books are incredibly rare though and will give you a huge buff on your fellow miners.

What if I die?
If you die in the Quarry world you keep your items. However, you will NOT be able to enter the quarry again for 90 minutes, this time is decreased through our donation ranks available here. Mobs will have different levels here. For example, a level 10 zombie will not attack you if your mining level is low.

What are these items used for?
The items you earn from the quarry are used for a lot of our Custom Items that are gainable for the excavators, dragons, and lots more. They are crucial to your mining journey and anything in this mine will hold it's value as it's capped to 80 players at once.

How long can I spend there?
You are able to spend 2 hours and 30 minutes here per day, this will be the most frightening time of your life and can be split up into multiple sessions, as time only deducts as you spend it. Each session is then deducted exactly 24 hours later. If you get kicked for AFK this deducts 30 minutes from your time, so if I spend 20 minutes and get kicked for AFK in reality I have spent 50 minutes there.

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