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Thx for helping me out in skyblock I would never be at this point if it weren’t for u
Yes you do have to be 15 or older but hope to see you when you turn 15. I feel like it would be good being staff with you
Well I try my best not to spam in chat and help out the other players like just today there was someone that was offering 1 billion for 1 thanos tank and apparently he lost the thanos rank and I offered to help him find it but it wasn’t his island
I heard from uzzi7865 that you got banned because you insided them
Sup, can you check my ban appeal?
Pleease false ban! I waiting all day for unban! Pleease unban and check my appeal
i was on the skyblock servers please correct this error as soon as possible since i have bought 2 ranks on this server including groot and spiderman rank