Important PvPLab Skyblock: Heroes VS. Villains (Season 5)

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PvPLab Skyblock
Heroes VS. Villains Reset

Skyblock Heroes Vs. Villains releases this Saturday, April 11th at 4 PM EST

Hello everyone,

The time has come, Season 5 of Heroes VS. Villains is right around the corner. To start off with some items vote on all 3 of our vote links to get a small boost.
In total, we will be having $2,400 in prizes. Each island and player will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands and players each week.

Island Top (/is top)
In total, we will be having $2,400 in prizes for Island Top. To get island value, place spawners and type /is level. The payouts will be as follows:

Weekly Payout
First Place - $200 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
Second Place - $75 PayPal & $75 BuyCraft
Third Place - $25 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $50 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $25 BuyCraft

Island Information
Some basic information about the set up of our Skyblock realm:

Team Size: 20 man
Economy: Spawners, mining, & farming

Create an island using /is create, and select from the few options!

Change Log
Every map we push to add new content bringing a different experience each and every time.

We have continued to build off the current spawn with several new changes including a new outpost build.

This season we have made generators a big part of the economy. With these new and improved generators, they will effect your game play. We have heavily buffed all generators including Villager Spawner Generator, Witch Spawner Generator, Iron Golem Spawner Generator, Gem Generators, and Godcoin Generators.

Heroes's Vault
We have added a new currency this season called "Medal". Medal can be obtained by killing mobs at /warp medal. Every mob killed in this area will have a chance of dropping Medal. Medal can be used to purchase "Victory Crates". These new crates are only obtainable through the Heroes's Valut s and are filled with a variety of items.

New Pets
We added 3 new pets that will effect the economy and make grindy more enjoyable for all. Check out the new pets below!

Butcher Pet
This pet has a chance of giving you gems, god coins, medal, or key shards while grinding mobs. The way you level this pet up is by grinding mobs.

Farm Pet
This pet has a chance of giving you gems, god coins, medal, or key shards while grinding mobs. The way you level up this pet is by farming all different types of crops.

Miner Pet
This pet has a chance of giving you gems, god coins, medal, or key shards while grinding mobs. The way you level up this pet is by mining blocks.

Heroes' Hoe
Grind out crops while upgrading your hoe to get useful items along the way such as gems, god coins, spawners, and much more!

Sell Portals
Sell Portals are winnable through crates and purchasable in-game. The portals instant sell the selected mob type. These portals can be upgraded in many ways. First, you can upgrade your sell multiplier to sell for a higher price, the max multiplier is 6.0x. Second, you can upgrade your sell chance, it starts on 50% and can be upgraded to 100%. Third, you can upgrade the max balance to store more balance at a time. Fourth, you can upgrade your mob type, you with zombies and you can work your way up to iron golems. You can also view the total sold and claimable balance through your sell portal hologram.

Sloths now sell in Sell Portals + Boostes now work with Sell Portals.

Custom Spawners
We have 2 custom spawners currently, sloths and pandas. These mobs are obtainable through god coin shop. Both of these mobs drop nether stars.

Sell Wands
Other than sell portals, you can sell your chest using sell wands. Sell wands can be found in gem shop and in crate keys. These sell wands sell multiplier can be upgraded using gems. To upgrade your sell wand type /upgrade in-game and click on the hoe in the GUI, from there you will be able to upgrade your multiplier by 1% or 10% at a time. Sell wands can be used on normal chest and to sell upgradable chest storage.

We have made it so when you gain experience it'll show the amount of experience gained for that specific skills above your hotbar. We have also introduced /skills top system. When you type /skills top you can view the top players for all the skills or a specific skill. To view the top players of a specific skill type /skills top <skill> and to view the list the top players for all the skills combined, type /skill top all.

We have made many balance changing revolving around our outpost and their multipliers. The multipliers are now balanced not giving too big of a advantage, but worth your time to capture. We have also made it so only one island can capture an outpost at a time to give other islands a fair chance of capping different outposts for island boosts.

The outposts boosts are listed below:
  • x2.0 Experience Multiplier
  • 10% off Enchanter Purchases
  • x0.1 Money Multiplier
  • x1.2 Spawner Boost

We can't wait for you all to play another season here on Heroes Vs. Villains! We will be constantly updating this type of Skyblock each and every season introducing new features to enhance the game play.
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