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PvPLab Skyblock
Cowboys VS. Indians Reset

Skyblock Cowboys VS. Indians releases this Wednesday, April 29th at 5PM EST
For any other timezones, check here to see what time release is for you!

Hello everyone,

The time has come, Season 5 of Cowboys VS. Indians is right around the corner. This realm will be our third Skyblock Turbo season with a fast pace experience. We have focused on a different feel from our other Skyblock realms, with a economy that is a huge grind. Each player will start with a Island Mine on release and can be upgraded by right-clicking the bedrock. You can find different sized mines in our Monthly Crates on the store, no new crates will be released mid-season every package will be on the store on SOTW. Crates may be updated to fit the month or economy mid-season.
In total, we will be having $850 in prizes. Each island and player will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email> and /setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands and players each week.

Island Top (/is top)
In total, we will be having $680 in prizes for Island Top. To get island value, place spawners and type /is level. The payouts will be as follows:

Weekly Payout
First Place - $150 PayPal
Second Place - $100 BuyCraft
Third Place - $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $25 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $15 BuyCraft

Block Top (/rawblocktop)
In total, we will be having $120 in prizes for Block Top. Mining blocks will count towards your block top, enchantments procing will not count towards your raw block top.

Weekly Payout
First Place - $30 BuyCraft
Second Place - $20 BuyCraft
Third Place - $10 BuyCraft

Skill Top (/skill top all)
In total, we will be having $50 in prizes for Skill Top. There are many ways to level up your skills, view them by typing /skills. The payouts will be as follows:

Weekly Payout
First Place - $25 PayPal

Island Information
Some basic information about the set up of our Skyblock realm:

Team Size: 8 man
Economy: Mining and giant spawners
Map Length: 2 weeks

Create an island using /is create, and select from the few options!

Change Log
Every map we push to add new content bringing a different experience each and every time.

We have continued to build off the current spawn with several new changes including more interaction with NPCS and players, and a brand new warp.

Cowboy's Lasso
We have decided this so called "Value Wand" as a tool that is very helpful for your island! This tool can be used to transfer your value blocks very quickly into the stack placed on your island. So if I have a double chest full of sponge and I click the chest all those sponges will be transferred into the island stack and that would count as 1 "use".

Island Mine Upgrade Update
It's finally here! We have updated Island Mine's upgrades. You now have to mine a certain amount of blocks per upgrade to move onto the next ore/block. You will also still need to purchase the upgrade after mining the "X" amount of blocks needed. We have also decided to add many new block upgrades as seen below!

Note: More Island Mine information along with the Pickaxe Enchantments are listed further below!

We have decided to add a Disenchanter because many of you add pickaxe enchantments that you no longer want. With this disenchanter you can remove any pickaxe enchant and receive a % of energy back. The higher rank you are the higher percentage of energy you will receive back.

Spawn Mine
We have added an mine at spawn. You can mine gold ore and gold blocks inside. When you mine these blocks they'll be "Enchanted". These enchanted ores/blocks can be placed on your island for a lot of value, make sure to grind some free extra value here! There may be mobs lurking around here, watch our back!

We plan on adding much more to this mine and expanding each and every season.

Stackable Blocks
We have listened to the community, I know it was pain placing tens of thousands of sponge and hay bale blocks last season, most island value blocks will now be stackable! We are going to leave hay bale blocks non-stackable so it's still a grind to place those, but it won't be a pain placing sponge anymore.

Upgradable Spawners
We have made only a couple of spawners upgradable, since mining is the main economy. The main focus of spawners is for grinding gems and experience. You can upgrade spawners for different drop value blocks. Giants are now upgradable to drop better loot including beacons, and prismarine blocks. Their default drop is sponge.

Inventory Pets
We have a variety of different pets and can be viewed in-game typing /pets. Most of the pets were useless last season and not worth levelling up, with a variety of new pets! Pets can be levelled up in many ways simple as right-clicking, mining blocks, and much more!

The new pets are as follows:
Miner Pet
  • Chance of giving you energy, gems, sponge, or spawners while mining blocks.
Indian Pet
  • Capture any Outpost x2 faster.
Golden Pet
  • When you buy something in shop you will gain a percentage of it back.

Island Mines
As stated on the top of the forums post, every player starts with a island mine. Once placed on your island you are able to add island members to it (/im). View your island mines' inventory by right-clicking the bedrock of the mine. You can view your island mine upgrades, view your ore storage, and pickaxe upgrades.

The we have added new upgrades to the island mine including new blocks that you can find on SOTW! We have also added 3 new pickaxe enchantments! The enchantments are listed below...

  • Chance to find any type of key by mining
  • Increase your speed when flying around in your island mine
  • Increase pickaxe swing speed

Note: Larger islands mines can be found in monthly crates on SOTW. All monthly crates will be shown on the store on release, no other crates will be released mid-season.

Chestsell and Condense Signs
We have decided to continue on using these types of signs, but always open for ideas on other ways to sell mob drops.

A chestsell is a perk that when a sign placed on a chest and when you click it you can sell all items into shop instantly. To create a chestsell sign you type [chestsell] on a sign and it's created! We have also implemented many commands for the owner of the signs to add your island members. To view more information type /chestsell in-game on release.

A condense sign is basically as stated, a sign is placed on a chest when you click it the items inside will condense into blocks so for example if there are 9 iron ingots and you click the sign those ingots will turn into 1 iron block. To create a condense sign you type [condense] on a sign and it's created!

Skills Update
We really focused a lot of time on skills this map. We have made it so when you gain experience it'll show the amount of experience gained for that specific skills above your hotbar. We have also introduced /skills top system. When you type /skills top you can view the top players for all the skills or a specific skill. To view the top players of a specific skill type /skills top <skill> and to view the list the top players for all the skills combined, type /skill top.

Note: All skills will have 19 levels to each of them, they won't be easy to max out so /skills top payout will be a grind!

We have made many balance changing revolving around our outpost and their multipliers. The multipliers are now balanced not giving too big of a advantage, but worth your time to capture. We have also made it so only one island can capture an outpost at a time to give other islands a fair chance of capping different outposts for island boosts.

The outposts boosts are listed below:
  • x2.0 Experience Multiplier
  • 10% off Enchanter Purchases
  • x0.4 Money Multiplier
  • Access to Outpost Shop
  • x1.2 Spawn Rate Multiplier
  • 10% off all Spawners Upgrades

Miscellaneous Changes
We are constantly working on fixing bugs and tweaking economy for each map, mentioned below are some of the changes we have made:

  • Stacked blocks and non-stacked blocks now show the correct amount in the /is value GUI
  • Giants no longer need light to spawn
  • Outpost now gives x.4 Money multiplier
  • When you upgrade a spawner, the "REMOVE" and "ADD" glass no longer turns white
  • You can now apply the same enchant but better level onto a maxed lore weapon/armour
  • When upgrading many giants at once, it now states the correct price
  • Crate keys loot and chances have been reworked
  • New envoy loot
  • Better KOTH loot
  • Vote Party has been decreased to 100 votes needed
  • Added a /warp GUI
  • We have limited island size to 8 (you can add alts through /is alts command)
  • Rank reclaims have been improved
We can't wait for you all to try this new type of Skyblock with our new turbo styled map. We will be constantly updating this type of Skyblock each and every season introducing new features to enhance the game play for everyone!
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