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Important PvPLab Prison: Death by Candy (Season 2)


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Prison: Death by Candy

January 11th, 2020 at 3pm EST
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Hello everyone! Over the past month, our team and I have been working very hard on releasing something special here at PvPLab Prisons and I must say I am very excited for it myself! We have been listening to the community extensively and have fixed many essential bugs that the community has provided us. We are striving for excellence on this map and for that we have included MANY new mechanics to this map. Please read the following as it will clear up much of the confusion on some of the new mechanics, also feel free to watch the trailer which will give you a little insight on our main features this map!

Anyone with a youtube channel can re-upload the trailer to receive two crate keys. For more information about re-uploading please join our Discord and look for the #reupload channel!

Cell Top
In total, we will be having $420in weekly prizes. (So yes we have increased payouts!) Here is the breakdown
Each cell will be required to set their paypal email for their payout reward with /cell setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically payout the top cell each week. The map has NO SET TIME LENGTH!

First Place - $160 PayPal
Second Place - $60 PayPal + 60 BuyCraft
Third Place - $35 PayPal + $35 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $40 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $30 BuyCraft

New Spawn:
With the recent holiday event of christmas, we wanted to give everyone a little treat when it came to the build. As a team we decided candy themed was a great one and I must say myself that it looks sweet! (How many puns were there?)

Many community members have expressed that they wanted some system which will let them gain more money than the average block value generally gives. So we have implemented the SellMultiplier system! This system will be used either by donating to the server or just by playing! Each SellMultiplier that is added to your account will give you a 10% (.01x) monetary boost which will greatly boost how much money you make in the long run! One important note about these, at the end of the map these will RESET! (Seasonal)

SellGem GKIT:
With our newly implemented SellMultipliers, we wanted to create a special GKIT which will give you a significant buff. Buy this GKIT in the store and redeem it once every 24 hours to receive a 2.0x buff for a randomized time between 10 minutes and 90 minutes!

[Picture of SellGem GKIT, make it like an emerald with a 2.0x thing attached to it]

SellAll / Selltoggle:
Two newly added features which I am sure the community is going to love, you asked for it and we have made it! Achieve /sellall in two ways, either buy the premium version on our store or earn it in-game by prestiging your pickaxe! Selltoggle has been a wanted feature since I have been here, this will give you the ability to turn away all of those pesky messages (which we have just redone by the way!). Every player will have this command so use it at will!

PvPMine Revamp:
Many players expressed to us that the PvPMine was just not worth it, after testing it out myself I highly agreed, so we have decided to revamp the PvPMine! Our PvPBoss system in my opinion was very unique, however it was just a bit too strong. So we have decided to reduce the health and damage of the bosses by 50%! These will be much easier to kill and they will only spawn one at a time. ALSO, we are rewarding the players now more than ever for taking the risk to mine in the PvPMine, we have enabled pickaxe enchants (except speed of course) and have changed the blocks inside of the mine to reflect more towards end-game of mining. Along with this, we have given a CellPoint buff to the blocks, meaning you will gain 1.1 CellPoints per block instead of 1 (this adds up!).

This system is a must have in a prison gamemode, but rather than just copying around and using the same default system, we have added a little extra to it! Prestige by reaching Z mine and by fully completing your MineEXP Bar (60K Blocks Broken). When a player prestiges, they’ll be given three things: a SellMultiplier, a legendary key, and most importantly, a prestige token! Use these tokens inside the Prestige Enchant shop (more information about that down below!)

Prestige Enchants:
With the addition of prestiging, we have came up with more rewards for players who decide to go the full way and reset themselves back to “A” mine! Most of these enchants (and their respective levels) will cost 1 prestige token. Use these enchants to gain an advantage over the other players who are not prestiging! Here is a list of the Prestige Enchants and what they do.

Special feature - these enchants will be limited to the PLAYER, this means if you upgrade a prestige enchant, it’ll stick with you no matter what pickaxe you use!

“Shard Discoverer” - upgrade this enchant to earn more shards in-game! (more information on the shard system listed below

“Adrenaline Rush” - upgrade this enchant to earn more tokens in-game!

“Gold Rush” - upgrade this enchant to earn more money in-game!

“AutoSell” - this will be the achievable version for AutoSell in prisons, four tiers consisting of different and faster cooldowns per level!

“Metal Detector” - use this enchant to increase your chances of finding a LuckyBlock!

Prison Jobs:
Perhaps our biggest addition yet to our prison, Prison Jobs should be used to gain a significant advantage over other players whom are not. This system is completely free and can be used using /job. Select which job you want to use at the time (Note: Jobs can be changed as often as you would like).

There are currently three jobs and we are looking to add more in the future, these jobs consists of: Tokenmaster, Investor, and Spelunker.

Use this job to increase the amount of tokens you earn overall, there will be three things you can upgrade inside of this job.

Token Buff - this will decide how often your ability procs, you will need 1 job coin to upgrade this part.

Token Duration - this will decide how long your buff lasts for, default value is 3 seconds and can max out all the way to 10 seconds!

Token Surge - this will decide how many extra tokens you will get per block, the default value is 1.5 tokens and the max is 3 tokens per block!

HINT: Upgrade all of these together in unison to utilize the efficiency of this job!

*NOTE* - All blocks mined whilst this is proccing will be instantly sold!
Use this job to increase the amount of money you earn overall, there will be three different upgrades inside of this job.

Sell Buff - this will determine how often your ability procs!

Sell Duration - this will decide how long your buff lasts for, default value is 3 seconds and can max out all the way to 10 seconds!

Jackpot - this will determine how much extra money you get per block whilst the ability is going off. This can range from 1.5x to 3.0x as much money!

HINT: Just like in the tokenmaster job, you will need to upgrade these in unison to fully use this ability!

Use this job to increase the amount of shards you earn whilst mining, give yourself a chance to upgrade a shard to the next tier and increase your LuckyBlock chances!

Shard Finder - increase the chances of finding shards by upgrading this!

Shard Forger - give yourself a chance to upgrade a shard to the next tier!

Charmed - increase your chances to find LuckyBlocks!

Mineshards are a new mechanic we have introduced into the prison gamemode. Find these as you are mining and either upgrade them to the next tier or create them into a special gem you can redeem for exclusive rewards. Create a 4x4 pattern in a crafting table to upgrade your shard to the next tier!

HINT: The higher the mine you are in the better chance you have of finding better tiered shards!

We have decided to scrap our current system of backpacks and move to infinite capacity backpacks. You will now be able to hold as many items as you want inside of these backpacks and this will definitely help create more space in your inventory and also make you more money!

Many of our community members have asked us to add this mechanic so we have listened! Go to spawn or use /disenchanter and place your pickaxe inside of it. Upon doing so, you may remove ANY enchant you wish from the pickaxe however you will not be refunded for the tokens that were spent on the enchant. If you would like to remove all enchants then use the tinkerer!

Cell Value:
For those of you who have not played PvPLab, all cell value is virtual, with no physical cell value. Every time you mine a block you get 1 cell point, you can track how many cell points you have on your scoreboard or by typing /cell value, you must be in a cell to start earning them. /cell create (name)!

We are greatly excited for this map of prisons and we are always looking to improve in as many ways as possible. As always, feel free to DM any of us on discord or even make a suggestion on our official Discord! We hope to see many of you online and I am personally looking forward to this reset!


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