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Federal Prison | Prison Realm

Friday, February 7th @ 6 PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

Hello Prisoners, After much thought and time, we have put together a brand new prison experience that we are all collectively super excited about. This Friday at 6 PM EST, we invite you to begin your journey on our Federal Prison server! We look forward to seeing you all on, and cannot wait to begin this new server. One thing to note, this realm is designed to have longer seasons, and slower reset dates then our previous realms. So for those of you also looking for a place to play long term like such, this realm is also for you! :)

If you purchased a rank or managed to obtain one on our Candy Prison, as a thank you, we will be giving you an equivalent rank on this new game mode, while we work on the next season of Candy Prison! If you are more of a fan of our Candy styled Prison, we are currently working on the next season of it, and it will be out when it is perfected.


Mining is going to make a change for the better, be sure to read throughout this section as there is more content to come!

New commands
To make your experience even better, we have decided to implement a new command that will take you straight to your top or favorite mine! This can be right-clicking any mine in the /mines menu!

You now have the option to view mines in a spectator box, this will work for A - Z mines and Donator Mines! This can also be done by right-clicking any mines in the /mines menu.

Whats changed?
You are now able to sell your blocks for the same price anywhere! This will allow the economy to be more balanced, and you will get prices based on your current rank, multipliers, and boosters!

For example,
If I mine at C mine but I'm Prestige 15 and a donation rank I will receive the following
I will receive the prices that are given at Z, and a 1.03x Prestige multiplier, my donation multiplier, and any boosters I have active currently.


Throughout your journey of Prison, you will be able to change your skin, by unlocking different types. You will start off as a Prisoner, and who knows where you might end up! You could be shown as an Investor, a Guard, and even a Warden! You are able to unlock these skins by completing challenges, purchasing them and crates.

These skins will eventually have custom abilities (TBA).


Omnitools will no longer be the go-to for your sword, however, your pickaxe will not drop upon death. Your pickaxe will now only change into tools, and weapons are obtainable from Kits, Black Market, Crates, etc.

Omnitools are no longer tradable, each player will have their own omnitool that will not be drop-able, and only move-able within the owner's inventory, this is to make the gameplay fair.

Be sure to read the whole forum post as there are different mechanics that are changing that will put a smile on your faces!

Pandora's Boxes

These are special loot boxes that will be obtainable via our store! You are able to view them by clicking here!

You can have a chance to win amazing rewards from there, such as private mines, enchantment packs and more!

Player Levels

Ever been bored of the same system that goes over and over? Grind towards this enchantment, sell that?
Well, you now have something completely different and never seen before! Each player now has their own Prison Level, to unlock specific enchantments you need to be X level, for example, for Layer Shredder you will need to have a prison level of at least 15! These will all be viewable in the upgrades menu.

Plots and Cell Bots

Enrich your empire by having player shops and cell bots at your plot.


This is no new feature, but instead of getting 0 tokens in return for spending hours upgrading your custom enchantments you will now receive 50% of your total Tokens spent if you decide to remove any custom enchantment, or if you want to start fresh you can remove all of your enchantments and get 65% of your Tokens back!

Plot Player Shops

Player shops are now taxed by both the buyer and seller! Each party will need to pay 8% tax on the total purchase. You can create a player shop by adding it to your plot!

For example, if an item sells for $100,000 from a chest shop there will be an additional $8,000 added on to the purchase by the player, and the owner will receive $92,000 from the total sale. This can be bypassed by using the dedicated black market.

Donor Parties

Every 30 minutes donors will either get a 1-5 star donor party.

Rotating Dealer

This is a new feature that will rotate every 60 hours (2 days, 12 hours), and will contain exclusively available rewards. You are only able to use a special currency here and can be traded between players. The currency is available from Envoys, LMS events, drop parties, vote parties and more!

The dealer can be view-able via the NPC at the black market.

Black Market Player Shops

This is a new and never seen before feature! The black market will be an underground build that can be owned by the community to buy and sell stuff to bypass taxes! These units are available for purchase and will last for 4 days at a time! Be sure to keep it leased or else you have a chance of losing it! No one is taxed in the Black Market

Custom Enchantments

The custom enchantments on the server have taken a change for the better! Backpack enchantments, omnitool enchantments & weaponry / armor enchantments! Unlock your level to gain access to more enchants. This is to prevent people to hop on and maxing out their pick under a day.

Omnitool Enchantments
]Layer Shredder - Chance to break a whole layer of the mine.
Extractor (Tier V) - Gives you permanent jump boost, varies on the level (Only whilst mining).
KeyGen (Tier V) - Chance to find crate keys (Only whilst mining).
Tokenator (Tier IV) - Chance to double etokens (Only whilst mining).
Haste (Tier IV) - Gives you permanent haste, varies on the level (Only whilst mining).
Speed (Tier III) - Gives you permanent speed, varies on the level (Only whilst mining).
Jump (Tier I) - Gives you permanent jump boost, varies on the level (Only whilst mining).
Efficiency (Tier I) - Ability to break blocks faster than usual.
Fortune (Tier I) - Ability to receive more blocks you get per block break.

Backpack Enchantments
Merchant (Tier V) - Chance to sell for x2 value!
SellMultiplier (Tier IV) - Extra 0.01x booster towards money for each level.
AutoSell (Tier II) - Automatically sell your inventory and backpack every 10 seconds.

Sword Enchantments
Bolt (Tier V - Chance to strike your opponent with a bolt of lightning.
Head Hunter (Tier V) - Chance to retrieve your opponents head upon killing them.
Life Steal (Tier IV) - Chance to steal your opponents life whilst you attack them.
Ice Aspect (Tier IV) - Chance to inflict the slowness effect upon your opponent.
Wither Aspect (Tier III) - Chance to inflict the wither effect upon your opponent.
Immense (Tier V) - Chance to do double damage whilst attacking your opponent.


The economy has overtaken a huge revamp in order to make your experience truly amazing! With much more to do, in terms of pvp aspects, mining aspects and so much more!

Hall of Fame

This is a new and exciting feature for the most prestigious players! You now have the ability to grind yourself up and be recognized for the achievements you have done! We have made an awesome feature that will show you who achieved what first, with milestones!

These include but are not limited to:
First to Prestige
First to reach Prestige 250,
First to reach Prestige 500,
First to reach Prestige 1,000,
First to break 100,000 blocks (raw),
First to earn 1,000,000 tokens,
First to earn $1,000,000,000,
and things of those nature!


Duels have been revamped to have the best competitive experience for everyone.

Additional Build Pictures

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