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Important PvPLab Factions: The Dawn of War (Season 1)


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Factions Realm

January 25th @ 3 PM EST
Check here to see what time release is for you!

In dark times.. true colors are shown. Those who rise to the occasion, rise. Those who are weak, fall. The Dawn of War is amongst us. We present to you PvPLab Factions Today (Saturday - 1/25/2020 @ 3 PM EST). We look forward to seeing you on this release!

Faction Top
In total, we will be having $625 weekly payouts with no set end date. Here is the breakdown.
Each Faction will be required to set a PayPal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week.

First Place - $260 PayPal
Second Place - $160 BuyCraft
Third Place - $110 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $60 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $35 BuyCraft

General Information
This realm is themed The Dawn of War.
We will be having a total of five worlds, with a total of twenty corners
Note: A faction can only have one corner claimed at any given time.

Overworld: 10,000 x 10,000 border
Underworld: 2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Netherack)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Snow)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (Sandstone)
2,500 x 2,500 border with flat terrain. (White Stained Clay)

We will be having a one week grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:

TNT, Creeper Eggs, and any form of explosions are disabled.
Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
Mining Spawners will not cost money during this period.
Illegal claims on corners will be removed.
The command /fps will be disabled.

During the first hour of the map, we will be disabling a few things to make sure the release goes as smooth as possible

Flying will be completely disabled.
The command /wild will be disabled
Everyone will be invisible at spawn.

Factions Information
All of the important information required for this map are listed below:

Players per faction: 20
Power per player: 250
Alts per faction: 50
Buffer limit: 20 chunks
Cannon Speed: 4 seconds
Economy: Farms & Spawners
Grace: 7 days

Create a faction using /f create, and select from the few options!

LAB-X Cannon Jar

Best cannoning experience in existence!

Optimized Factions Core

F Shop, F Upgrades, F Achievements, F Perm, F Bank, F Warp, F Chest, and F TNT Storage!

Perfected PVP Experience

Bard, archers, gkits, ancient sets and balanced enchants!

Endless Unique Events

Custom bosses, envoys, treasure drop, and automated raid events.

Godly Base Tools

Gen buckets, megabuckets, patch buckets, trench tool, and tray tool!

Balanced & fun to grind economy!

Harvester tools, stacked spawners, portal selling, mobcoins, and sell wands!

End Note: This forum post's objective is to give you a general idea of what the server will consist of, when you log on this Saturday you will notice an additional abundance of content that was not covered in this forums post, so be ready on SOTW for the all this action-packed Factions experience we have created for you! :)

Build Teasers

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