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April 10th, 2020 at 6 pm EST
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Welcome all prisoners and felons to the best place to earn your freedom. There is no other place like this which will create an experience for you that you will never forget. This is Federal Maximum Security, there are people ranging from bank robbers to full-scale outlaws in here. Be careful who you trust in here and remember, everyone, is fending for themselves. This is the place to be and I hope you enjoy your time whilst in federal prison, this is going to be one heck of a ride.

The emphasis of federal prison is to adhere to the more casual and less competitive players. In our other maximum-security prisons the workers have a chance to get paid to do some hefty work. However, at this prison you will see, you may be paid but it won't be in card hold cash. This will strictly be in-game items with maybe a few BuyCraft rewarding EVENTS! I repeat, there are NO PayPal payouts and no weekly BuyCraft payouts.

Prestige Top
We will be giving the top 3 players in the prestige-top category their own individual payouts each week. This will be strictly in-game items and in-game ranks. I reiterate, NO PayPal / BuyCraft will be given.
1st Place - 3x Federal Crates & Warden Voucher
2nd Place - 2x Federal Crates & Guard Voucher
3rd Place - 1x Federal Crates & MafiaBoss Voucher

Weekly Block Top
Similar to our Alien and Candy realms, there will be a weekly payout for the most blocks mined in a whole week! This will reset every single week and everyone will start back at 0.
1st Place - 3x Federal Crates & Warden Voucher
2nd Place - 2x Federal Crates & Guard Voucher
3rd Place - 1x Federal Crates & MafiaBoss Voucher

This concludes our payout section of this forums post!

Any rank currently purchased on the Alien or Candy realm will be moved over to Federal Prison! And vice versa as well, if you have a rank on Federal, it will transfer over to Alien and Candy!

Optimizations and Bug Fixes
We've heard the community loud and clear about some of the bugs that need to be fixed so we have worked over the past few weeks to resolve these issues and make this season one of the best there is! One of the highlighting bugs fixed in this season is the Cell Bots. No longer will the bots break randomly, feel free to let them mine away for you!

The Pixel Pick, last season there was a bug which would disenchant the pickaxe randomly, obviously, we don't want that in this season so that has also been fixed!

The Prestige Enchants have also been reworked and revamped, you can enjoy these as much as you want while having the OP enchants work hard for you!

Oil Boosters now work, you can access them and use them to your advantage!

Jobs can no longer go past level 100, take that you workaholics!

Last but not least, the masks, use the masks to gain quite an advantage and use it without it breaking! That pesky bug is squashed.

Prison Features
Whether you are a returning player or an incoming player, we have tons of new information for you! But first, we will go over some of the current key features of Federal Prison.

The Private Mine
Are the mines too crowded? Are you getting a little claustrophobic or are you just wanting to secure all the loot for yourself? Well, this is exactly what you are looking for! Purchase one of these on the store for permanent access or just temporary access! You may use this Private Mine to your advantage in many ways, mine inside of it during the day when you are grinding and then when you log off tax people who decide to use it! You can choose to either set it to public or closed access whenever you choose. Set the tax of the mine by using /privatemines tax and then by selecting your Private Mine! This will tax the players that use it by whatever percentage you choose!

Custom Enchants
Mine blocks like never before! With our wide variety of custom enchants which you may unlock by leveling up your player upgrade them by using /upgrade. Increase your player level simply by mining blocks! Reach a certain milestone to unlock certain upgrades.
View and discover which enchants are the best in-game!

BackPack Upgrades
Use /upgrade and select the BackPack option to increase your backpack capacity by a certain amount. You can continuously upgrade the space in your backpack forever! There is not a cap on the amount of blocks you can hold!

Prison Jobs

To give you more fun on the server, we are introducing a job system that has never been seen before on Minecraft! We will have 4 job types which you can choose from and they will all have their own perks.

You are able to change your job type once every 24 hours.

The jobs are as follows:

Whilst using this job you will have the chance to find lucky blocks, and will earn 1% more each sell.
This will work with boosters, and will allow you to progress even faster through your prison journey.

Whilst using this job you will have the chance to find lucky blocks, and will earn 1% more each sell.
This will work with boosters, and will allow you to progress even faster through your prison journey.

You ever wanted to just build?
When you place blocks you will receive x1.5 of what you normally sell for, and 2 gems. This will work for each block you place, and will have a leveling system that will give you different buffs throughout leveling up this skill.
Cheaper prices from the /shop, etc.

I heard you wanted to fish? With all the trash that the people in the black market throw out you have discovered a hook that will give you special rewards when you find loot. The pond is in the middle of the black market hall, and will give you a chance to find Oil, Gems, Energy, Mineshards, Money and much much more!
The more you level up this skill, the more often you will find better rewards.

Cell Bots

Have you ever wanted to take a break from mining and sit back and relax and watch the income flow in? Well this would be exactly what you are looking for. Upgrade your cell bots to earn cold hard cash and tokens! P.S. The higher the prestige you are, the more money and tokens you are going to make from these! Capture these little buggers from crate keys and monthly crates on the store!
Important to note that you need the "Energen" pickaxe enchantment to earn the energy to power these powerful bots!

If you ever come across a spare pickaxe, upgrade the wrong job, or get the wrong prestige enchantment you can use the disenchanter to receive a percentage of your tokens, coins, points back!

As crates were very common this map we have decided to change up how they work! With making them more rare we have decided to make the rewards more rewarding on each and every crate! Yes, that includes the voting one, this allows you to spend more time mining, harvesting, etv than opening loads of crates! Also yes, you are now able to obtain cell bots from crates.

After they went away for awhile, they are back and back for good! They have been redesigned completely to suit the needs on Federal, however they are now better than ever. Allowing you do get black market coins, mine bombs, rankup percentages, oil, bot energy and much much more!

Donor Drop Parties
After the current season we had a lot of alting to get money, keys, and much much more, due to the goodness of the donator drop parties. But this time around we have changed how they work, to allow them to give you a boost, but not to the extent they did on the first map.

The donator drop parties will now happen every 90 minutes, and will have a larger pool of rewards, again having different tiers for each rank, but you can earn oil, energy, etc from donator drop parties type /dparty to see rewards in-game with their respec.

Prestige Unlocks
To make prestiging more rewarding we have decided to push out rewards for big milestones and each prestige! These rewards can be viewed by typing /ranks ingame! Each rank will show their rewards and if they unlock any new enchantments.

AFK Miners
As a way for members to keep mining even whilst at work, school etc. We have decided to add an auto mining area, this will automatically mine for you whilst you are away from your computer.

You will need a token to use this area and will automatically pause once you leave the area. You can earn different tiers from all crates, shards, bosses, and events on the server. The system will determine the best tier to use first, and then will use lower tiers once you have no time remaining.

We have now introduced a new way of playing the server with a brand new casino. These are all physically looking casinos and will require a casino token to enter. These are available from all crates and the dealer located at the black market. You will have different durations you can use and will be able to gamble whilst you have one active.

The moment it runs out you will be teleported to the spawn location and be told your total winnings / losses.

All the individual passes will have a maximum steak limit, now this is on each game this will be based on your rankup price. The more it costs to rank up the more you are able to gamble.

The following tokens are as follows:
COMMON - 7.5% of Rankup,
RARE - 15% of Rankup each Steak
EPIC - 25% of Rankup each Steak
LEGENDARY - 50% of Rankup each Steak

I just want to reiterate you can bet as much as you want in the casino throughout the duration that you have there, however each round you may only bet x% of your rankup.

Similar to our mine-bombs which destroy a partial part of the mine this enchant which is called Atomic Bomb will COMPLETELY destroy the mine. This will not only fill your backpacks most likely but will also give you a HUGE boost in gems. Purchase this in /upgrade and enjoy the bombs!

Sell Boosters
These will last forever and will transfer from map to map! Purchase these in the store to earn more cash than normal! Each individual multiplier will add a .1x booster to your account! This caps at 20x.
An alternative to purchasing these boosters is by prestiging! Every 5 prestiges earn a .1x permanently.

Global Kits (GKits)
Purchase these on the store to redeem daily and earn insane rewards!

These GKits will carry over to each season from here on out!

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