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Important Prison | Cell Bots


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Prison Update | Cell Bots

Hello everyone! For the past few weeks we have been planning some amazing features to be implemented onto prison to better your experience across our servers! We have decided that we will be implementing a new system called Cell Bots. We have listened to you guys, and want to implement some type of automation, this will be one update of many more to come in the next few weeks. So if you guys want to be voiced be sure to post your suggestions in the Suggestions channel on discord!

Be sure to read through the entire post to learn all about the new system.

What is a cell bot?
A cell bot is an automatic minion who will mine for you to earn etokens and more cash on prison! However there's more than meets the eye, they are only place-able on your Island or ones you have access to, and will only be accessible to the owner of the cell bot. You are able to upgrade these, change their appearance, and much more. This is a system we will be taking feedback for and building upon that to offer a phenomenal system.

How do I upgrade a cell bot?
You can upgrade a cell bot by mining oil, this is available to everyone and will be at the following mines: /warp oil, and inside the pvp mine. If you have the agenda to earn oil and money at the same time the pvp mine will be an amazing place for you to-do so, with every piece of oil you mine you will get 5 instead of 1. Where as at the oil mine you will only receive one per oil mined.

With each upgrade your bot will learn how to be more efficient, and will have a higher return, however these upgrades are not easy to get.

Do they mine constantly?
Not exactly, to mine constantly the robot must have energy. This is a new system that will only be used for cell bots to begin with, however future systems will most likely use the same sort of thing. The energy is easily obtainable however, you can obtain it by mining, opening shards and much more! Every block mined will take one energy, and the different tiers will impact of what the maximum energy stored can be.

Once all your energy runs out your robot will stop mining, until you refill it with energy again. This can be done by clicking on the blue dye, which will open a new menu which will allow you to-do that.

Tier I: 10,000 maximum energy,
Tier III: 30,000 maximum energy,
Tier IV: 40,000 maximum energy.

The cellmate will consume 1 energy each time it breaks a block.

Can I change that horrible bender hat?
Yes! We currently have 20 hats which are available to be purchased. These are per profile, so you will only need to purchase them once, to apply them to any robot you may have! Say hello to K9 Fido!

Can I move it once it's been placed?
Yes! It will keep all current enchantments, and energy, and will be re-applied once you replace it, just because you're cool like that. Open up your cell bot's menu and click the carrot stick.

How do I pull money / tokens from it?
To withdraw your hard earned currency you can simply just click the corresponding item and it will be deposited into your account instantly, and the bot will start it's adventure of mining again.

How are they obtainable?
The robots will be obtainable in a few different ways,
The most common way of getting a robot will be from any Monthly Crate available here (read description)
They will also be a legendary reward from the envoy event (Once per hour),
And the final way for now will be through the legendary crate (One per prestige).

* Note: Abusing the legendary crate to prestige alternate accounts, and such is a bannable offence.​