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Prison Update | Pixel Pickaxes

Hello everyone, different day, and a whole new concept! As you may of heard we have now introduced some new mechanics into Federal Prison, including multiple pickaxes, and a new pickaxe type! For now the multiple pickaxes feature will not be enabled, as we have something planned for that down the line! For now though I'm going to explain the difference between pixel pickaxes & gem pickaxes!

Be sure to read the whole guide on this update, as it's a juicy one!

What is a gem pickaxe?
A gem pickaxe is the regular pickaxe you spawn in with by default, and the pickaxe you guys have been grinding out since release! This is the starters dream, and will allow them to have a very good start on the Federal Prison Realm! This pickaxe will continue to be maintained, and if any new ideas come to mind about the features that can be added to it, we will implement them! You can upgrade this pickaxe by obtaining gems, in which can be obtained by mining using the gem pickaxe!

What is a pixel pickaxe?
A pixel pickaxe is a new and innovative currency that will beable to be used for some new features, such as gangs, drugs and more! This currency will also be used for future updates of cellbots, and more! You are able to upgrade and enchant your pixel pickaxe, and will receive pixels for each block you break! This pickaxe will offer a whole new variety of enchantments, and upgrades that the gem pickaxe will not receive, exclusiveity you could say! To earn pixels you must be mining with a pixel pickaxe! When using the gem pickaxe it will be gold to easily determain which pickaxe type you are using!

How do I change my pickaxe?
With the new system we have added a way to easily navigate via the pickaxe settings, with more and more being added every day! This will be your go to place to find out the latest updates, upgrade, change pickaxe types, change jobs, view skill trees and so much more! We believe that making this central menu is much easier than having to navigate to everything via different commands. To access it you will need to shift right click a block!

What have you got planned with pixels?
As of right now, we have future updates planned with gang upgrades, cellbot prestiging, and much more! That's all I'm going to say for now as we have so much more install for our Federal Realm! We said nonstop updates, and that's what we're giving!

What new enchantments are there with pixels?
As mentioned before, we are having exclusive enchantments that will work with pixels! Below will be a full list of enchantments, and what they do once you proc them!

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Maximum Level: 2,500
Description: Random chance to trigger a keyall!

Maximum Level: 7,500
Description: Chance to find prestiges whilst mining!

Maximum Level: 5,500
Description: Allows the Omnitool to break blocks even faster!

Maximum Level: 5,500
Description: Increases block drops per block broken!

Hope you enjoyed this short guide,
Abstract out :cool: