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February 28th, 2020 at 3pm EST
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Hello, our brand new Skyblock realm is releasing tomorrow, Saturday @ 3 PM EST! This new gamemode is a completely unique skyblock experience all new to PvPLab and not like any of our other skyblock servers we have had so far. Bringing you a new collide of worlds in Gods vs Demons, with endless new content and amazing new updates! :D

Island Top

We will be increasing the payouts for this map massively in celebration of this brand new realm. In total, we will be having $790 in weekly prizes. Here is the breakdown.

First Place - $250 PayPal & $100 Buycraft
Second Place - $125 PayPal & 75 Buycraft
Third Place - $75 PayPal & $50 Buycraft
Fourth Place - $75 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $40 BuyCraft

Which side will you choose?

God or Demon?

Island Information
Some basic information about the set up of our Skyblock realm!
Team Size: 20 mans
Economy: Diverse, farms, mining, etc.

Create an island using /is create, and select from the few options!

Upgradable Chests

Running out of space? Upgrade your chest for more room!

Upgradable Armor

Grab an extra layer of protection and upgrade your armor!

Autosell Portals

Maximize the wealth of your island by selling items with minimal effort.


Get a boost by generating GodCoin's, Gems, and Spawners!


Need a break? Automate your island by getting workers to do all the tedious tasks for you such as mining, farming, and butchering!

Custom Spawners

Brand new custom spawners to spice up the skyblock experience including the Panda and Sloth spawners!

Perfected Economy

The economy has been fully diversified to support all playstyles! Specifically, it will include farming, ore gens, cactus, cane and cobble generators.

Crop Hoppers

Upgrade your hoppers to increase transfer and sell speeds!

Warzone Updates

Conquer the outpost to get boosts, and monopolize the dungeon below it (custom bosses - with custom loot), along with fight for 2 koths that are also located in the warzone!

Island Upgrades

Upgrade your island to become the best. Yes, ore gen upgrades are here! :)

Cactus Chest

Dedicate your storage to the money-making items.


Need some extra help? Boost your island and grab an extra hand!

Upgradable Sell Wands

Selling has gotten easier than ever! All it takes is a simple click to sell a chest.

Lab Pass

Finish challenges only built for the best and receive exclusive rewards!

GodCoin & Gem Shop

The all-new Godcoin and Gem Shop has all the items that an island could ever need.

Enchantment System

Not only have we redesigned our enchantment system to be more pvp friendly and all around fun for everyone, we have made it so you can purchase an enchantment book with XP levels and get a lucky chance of winning exclusive custom enchants once you obtain an enchant you can begin upgrading it, in the armor upgrade GUI!

Player Stats

Check out all your accomplishments and your statistics throughout the season!


Test your chances and recieve OP rewards!

Grappling Hook

Travel with ease with this magical item!


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