Important Mythonia Skyblock: Gods VS. Demons (Season 4)


PvPLab Skyblock
Gods VS. Demons Reset

Skyblock Gods VS. Demons releases this Saturday, May 23th at 4PM EST
For any other timezones, check here to see what time release is for you!

Hello everyone,
The time has come, Season 4 of Gods VS. Demons is right around the corner. This realm is full of automation and has the highest payouts. To start off with some items vote on all 3 of our vote links to get a small boost. All mobs have a chance of dropping different types of loot including bank notes, value blocks, and even sponges!

In total, we will be having $3,160 in prizes. Each island and player will be required to set a PayPal using /is setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top islands and players each week.
Island Top (/is top)
In total, we will be having $3,160 in prizes for Island Top. To get island value, place spawners or value blocks and type /is level. The payouts will be as follows:

Weekly Payout
First Place - $250 PayPal & $100 BuyCraft
Second Place - $125 PayPal & $75 BuyCraft
Third Place - $75 PayPal & $50 BuyCraft
Fourth Place - $75 BuyCraft
Fifth Place - $40 BuyCraft
Island Information
Some basic information about the set up of our Skyblock realm:

Team Size: 20 man
Economy: Spawners, grinding mobs

Create an island using /is create, and select from the few options!

Change Log
Every map we push to add new content bringing a different experience each and every time.
We have continued to build off the current spawn with several new changes including a new spawn point.

Sell Portals Revamp
Sell Portals have massively changed. All portals no longer have any upgrades. All mobs can be sold through your portal at anytime. Your portal can hold infinite items and has an infinite balance. You can obtain a Sell Portal through crates and through winning them in-game.

Spawner Upgrades
Some mob spawners are now upgradable to drop items that sell for much more! You can upgrade your mob spawner by clicking the mob spawner item in the middle of the GUI. Spawner upgrades also give island value once upgraded.

Iron Golems are the only upgradable spawner at this time.

Mob Drops
This season grinding mobs will be a big thing! Grinding mobs have a chance to drop bank notes, value blocks and even spawners! This will help all players especially starting off.

New Pets
We have a variety of different pets and can be viewed in-game typing /pets. We have added more pets to enhanced your game play in many ways!
The new pets are listed below:
Money Pet
  • Receive a percentage of more money when selling.
Interest Pet
  • Receive a percentage back on all purchases made through /shop
Spawner Pet
  • Increases nearby spawner rates when activated.

Boosters have updated and made user friendly for all, view all boosters and your active boosters through /boosters. You can obtain boosters through crates, /gem shop, envoys, and much more!

We have made it so when you gain experience it'll show the amount of experience gained for that specific skills above your hotbar. We have also introduced /skills top system. When you type /skills top you can view the top players for all the skills or a specific skill. To view the top players of a specific skill type /skills top <skill> and to view the list the top players for all the skills combined, type /skill top all.

Outposts + New Warzone Build
We have made many balance changing revolving around our outpost and their multipliers. The multipliers are now balanced not giving too big of a advantage, but worth your time to capture. We have also made it so only one island can capture an outpost at a time to give other islands a fair chance of capping different outposts for island boosts. For this realm we only had 1 outpost and we thought introducing all 3 would make more action packed fights through the warzone!

The outposts boosts are listed below:
  • x2.0 Experience Multiplier
  • 10% off Enchanter Purchases
  • x0.1 Money Multiplier
  • 10% off all Spawners Upgrades
We have decided to get a brand new Warzone created including 3 Outpost locations and 1 KOTH.

Miscellaneous Changes
We are constantly working on fixing bugs and tweaking economy for each map, mentioned below are some of the changes we have made:
  • All value blocks are now stackable
  • Rank reclaims buffed
  • We have added many miscellaneous items have been added to /shop
  • Massively buffed Vote Party rewards for all
  • Added a /warp GUI
  • Added a Potion Shop in /shop
  • New Envoy loot
  • New KOTH loot
  • Added /allegiance back
  • Added /rules GUI and NPC at spawn
We can't wait for you all to play another season here on Gods VS. Demons. We will be constantly updating this type of Skyblock each and every season introducing new features to enhance the game play.
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yo server admins or important people I had an idea you should make so that when someone uses a rank that they already have so like a voucher they can use the reclaim for that rank again for that season just an idea also great server