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Important Federal Prison | Federal Friday - Week 1


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Federal Friday | Week 1

Hello Prisoners, as many of you guys know we have been working hard this past week to keep excelling the server! We are proud to present a new weekly stream of announcements that will outline changes across Federal Prison! This week we will talk about Crates, Enchantments, Donator Perks, General Upgrades and more!

As some of you may know we dropped our first ever Monthly Crate on Saturday! These consist of rankup percentages, cell bots, gems, and much more! These available on our store and have been a very popular package which are selling out extremely fast! Remember these crates are very limited!

As a way to bring in the new and out with the old boosters are now available personally and globally! These boosters are multi-addictive meaning that it will all be based off the initial sell price. Example follows below:
Initial Price: $500,
x1.5 Donator Multiplier: $250,
x2 Global Multiplier: $500,
x2 Personal Multiplier: $500,
Total: $1750

Global multipliers are now purchasable on our store and personal boosters are available by crates! Remember, be wise!

Black Market
Our black market has now opened its doors to be purchased by you guys! These are all purchase able by warping to our black market hall in-game and checking out the construction worker! If there are any stores available for purchase you will be able to purchase it, and start purchasing items from other fellow inmates! Remember these are under the books so you can evade any possible taxes!

Since release we have thrown out countless updates revolting around the tool! This includes enchantments, fixes and more! We are now proud to say that all enchantments are now fully functional, and scaling is now in a pristine condition! We are always looking for new ways to innovate so if you have any suggestions for ideas, and/or new enchantments be sure to message me on here, or the Discord.

The disenchanter is now fully functional and can be accessed via spawn or by typing /disenchant! This will allow you to remove enchantments from your items and get a return of gems in return.

Statistics & Leaderboards
Since the release we have been always looking for new ways to show clout to those who put the grind in, we now have 5 leaderboards viewable by typing the /leaderboards command.

Lab Pass
We now offer 2 types of lab pass! We have both a free pass and a paid pass. These passes are based off your prison level, so the more you level up, the more rewards you can gain from it! You can view everything related to this by typing /pass ingame!

Hope you all enjoyed Federal Friday, over the next week I have some good stuff planned so be sure to stay tuned for next Friday!

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