Important Federal Prison | Federal Friday - Season 2, Week 1


Federal Friday | Season 2 | Week 1 | Reborn

Hello Prisoners, as many of you guys know this week has been tons of updates, and tons of new features! I'm going to take a new agenda on this weeks federal friday and it's going to be more of a development log of this week! This is going to be a lengthy post so I hope you enjoy it. As always if you have anything you wanna see on our Federal Prison server be sure to join our discord and suggest them in our suggestions channel!

Pandora Boxes
This weekend we are happy to announce that we will have a limited crate on our store for the next 72 hours! The reborn pandora box will introduce masks, gang boosters, skins, and more! Be sure to check it out here!

This week there has been tons of patches that have been thrown on to the server! I'll try mention all of the changes, but there has been a lot!

- Fixed the Sell Perk on the Miner Job,
- Fixed the chances of getting Shards, and Keys on the Miner Job
- Changed Shards to be more rewarding if you open them at a higher prestige, etc.
- Fixed all boosters
- Fixed /mines
- Fixed fortune levels supassing 1,000
- Fixed leaderboards not automatically updating
- Fixed packet interception on cellbots
- Fixed cellbots nuking (with minebombs)
- Fixed cellbots turning into regular skulls
- Fixed crates giving incorrect rewards,
- Fixed crystals not merging if its above the maximum level
- Fixed specific prestige enchantments not working
- Fixed public private mines
- and tons more!

This week there has been tons of interface changes! Below I'll mention as many as I can remember however there's some that are going to be missed for sure!

- Revamped /upgrade menu,
- Added prestige enchantments,
- Added the ability to disenchant jobs,
- Fixed UI on crates,
- Added autominer,
- Added private mine tax (Cash and Gems)
- Implemented more minebombs,
- Updated the whole casino,
- and tons more!

This week there has been tons of new commands, and command changes! Again, I'll mention as many as I can remember however there's some that are going to be missed for sure!

- /pmines tax,
- /pmines transfer,
- /energy pay,
- /mines,
- /mine,
- /autominer,
- /toggles
- and more!

Thank you for your cooperation and help throught the week!
Shoutout to @Smil3More for helping me with a list of the changes that he's seen this week!

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