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Hello Prisoners,
This season we present to you, a complete overhaul of our Candy Prison game mode. This season not only brings you completely fresh, and new amazing content, but longer maps, and an entirely new Payout system of Gang Top while still keeping our much-loved Cells - but even the cell system has a huge overhaul, which you can find out more in the info below. Our team has been hard at work on this reset for a very long time, and we are super pleased with how everything has turned out, and cannot wait for you all to try it out, I highly recommend you give this season a try even if you have never played prisons before because this game mode has entirely evolved into something completely unique to our network. All information is located below, if this at all interests you, I recommend you go over the entirety of it, thanks!

NOTE: If you have purchased/obtained a rank on ANY of our Prison realms - you will get the highest rank you bought on Candy Prison!

April 26th, 2020 at 4pm EST

Unlike the past few rotations of Alien and Candy, we will NOT be resetting this every 2 weeks. We have learned it tires out the players and makes them a little burnt out. So, how long the map lasts is dependent on the players now! I reiterate, there is NO planned reset date!

NOTE: If you have purchased a rank on Alien Prison, Federal Prison, and or Candy Prison - you will get the highest rank you bought in this realm. So yes, everyone whom has ever bought or obtained a Prison rank, will get it on this Candy Prison!

In total, the payouts will come out to $435 weekly, and yes this map will be a much longer season, with no set end date, here is the payout breakdown below.

Gang TOP
(15 Man Gangs - upgradable to 15 - Gang Top is a combination of everyone in your gangs Cell Value)
1st Place
= $150 PayPal
2nd Place = $25 PayPal & $25 BuyCraft
3rd Place = $10 PayPal & 10 BuyCraft

Cell TOP
(1 Man Cells - But you can join a Gang to also compete in Gang Top - more info below)
1st Place
= $40 PayPal
2nd Place = $15 BuyCraft
3rd Place = $10 PayPal

Block Top
1st Place
= $15 BuyCraft
2nd Place
= $10 BuyCraft
3rd Place = $5 BuyCraft

Pickaxe Top
1st Place
= $15 BuyCraft
2nd Place = $10 BuyCraft
3rd Place = $5 BuyCraft

Prestige Top
1st Place
= $15 BuyCraft
2nd Place = $10 BuyCraft
3rd Place = $5 BuyCraft

We also will be removing the Gift Card Store, we heard your feedback, you don't like it. Most items that were previously not purchasable with BuyCraft will now be available for purchase with gift cards.

We present to you an entirely new system, you can join a gang of up to 15 people and, everyone has their own individual cell / cell bunker, where Gang-Top is calculated based on everyone in the gangs cell value combined, this allows all you groups to compete and allows individuals to also compete for Cell-Top (everyone now spawns in with a cell, you do not even need to create one)! To create a gang use /gang create, create your own gang similar to a cell name, and enjoy some amazing rewards! Your gang will come with a 0x Sell and Token multiplier, simply upgrade this by mining. Everyone that is in the gang will count towards gang Exp and eventually you will receive a gang coin. Upon receiving a gang coin spend it in the upgrade section on either more members, a higher sell multiplier, or token multiplier. We plan on adding more to this plugin in the future!

Our beloved cell system has been updated! When you log on it'll automatically create a cell, teleport to your cell using /cell. Cells are now 1 person per, but you can join a gang up to 15 players. There is still /cell top for individuals to compete and there is /gang top for multiple teams to compete for. Along with having your own cell you also have your own cell bunker to build up - where your gem generator/storage, cell value generator/storage, and money generator/storage, will be.

The New PrivateMine 2.0
Perhaps one of my favorite features for this prison! We've heavily renovated this plugin and I think you guys are going to like the revamp.
Purchase a PrivateMine on the store and reap many rewards from it.

Public / Private Mode - Set your mine to either be open to the public or be closed to yourself and 5 others which you may add to the mine! This feature will not only benefit the player who buys it but will benefit any other player who does not have a PrivateMine!

Monetary and Token Taxes - Setting your PrivateMine to public at first may not seem like a great idea, I mean why would you let someone else use something you bought? Well, you can tax the people who decide to use your mine in two different ways! Takes a percentage of the players' income and tokens whilst they are using your mine. This can be done using the privatemines GUI. By typing /privatemine --> "Your Mines" --> "PrivateMine TierX" --> RIGHT CLICK! --> "Mine Token / Mine Money Tax".

Mine Mode - set your PrivateMine to the setting you desire! Set to ALL, donor, or A-Z!

Adding Users - Now not everyone is going to play solo, some people will form teams, some will form alliances! Adding a user will make the player TAX EXEMPT! Yes, they will not be taxed whilst mining inside of your mine. You may add up to 5 people, so choose wisely however you may go back and remove people and re-add as you wish!

** AN important note, these private mines will be seasonal, meaning they are not permanent!**

Atom Bomb Enchant
Perhaps the coolest new enchantment on the block, upgrade Atom Bomb to have a chance to clear the ENTIRE mine. Yes, you heard that right, earn millions of tokens with a single enchant proc!

WARNING: The following mine was not injured or hurt in any way during the making of this screenshot, this is purely for documentation purposes.

Backpack Enchantments
You've seen some amazing custom pickaxe enchantments on our server before and I know, they are impressive, however, we have decided to add three new enchantments SPECIFICALLY for the backpack. This will go directly onto the backpack and will provide some significant advantages over players who do not have the enchantments.

Distributor - perhaps one of the most powerful enchantments t date, when this enchantment procs, the size of your backpack will be upgraded by a certain amount! So not only will you gain money and tokens while mining, but as you mine you will start to make more money!

Distributor - getting free money is always something that is great, with the distributor enchantment, this will take some of the items inside of your backpack, sell them but not actually remove the blocks inside of the backpack! So it essentially sells the items twice! This works similar to the merchant enchantment.

Factory - So not only can you earn twice as many items, upgrade your backpack for free, and earn a ton of money but now your backpack will randomly fill a significant portion of itself while you're mining! This does not tie into any pickaxe enchantments nor take any of the blocks outside of the mine. It fills your backpack!

Prestige Boosts
Prestiging in prison is not always the easiest thing, at first it seems easy, but progressively gets much harder as time goes on. For your hard work, we're rewarding you with a few things for presenting and one of them being prestige tokens. With these tokens, you can use them to upgrade certain boosts which will give you a significant advantage over your opponent!

There are currently 6 prestige boosts unlockable with the prestige tokens, in the future, we will be adding more. Perhaps as a weekly update :).

Shard Discoverer - a little more information regarding shards will be farther on down in the forums post. We hope you enjoy them! Upgrade this skill to increase the percentage chance to earn a shard! These shards are very powerful and when used in abundance will give a great advantage over other players.

Adrenaline Rush - sometimes you just want to earn an abundance of tokens, and if you invest in this skill, you will be able to DOUBLE the number of tokens you make for a period of time. Each time you upgrade this skill the chance to have an "Adrenaline Rush" and make double your tokens increases and also the time period will increase!

Gold Rush - similar to the Adrenaline Rush skill, this will help you flex on your opponents on the number of cell points you've gained. Earn cell points by mining blocks, however, If gold rush activates while you're mining, you will gain twice as many cell points during that time period as you normally would!

Auto Seller - use this skill to decrease the cooldown on /sellall, by default it is 45 seconds, and by upgrading your skill, you can get it all the way down to 10 seconds! Use this skill to get an advantage over people having to manually sell or wait out the 45-second cooldown!

Metal Detector - now we know that shards are amazing and all, but lucky blocks are just as cool! Earn exceptional rewards inside of these such as tokens, money, and SHARDS! Upgrade this skill to increase the percent chance to earn a lucky block!

Pay Raise - are you tired of earning minimum wage? Would you like to earn more job coins? Well, this is the skill for you. Upgrade this skill to increase the percent chance to earn a job coin whilst mining. More information regarding the job system will be below.

This concludes our section on the Prestige Boost, we sincerely hope you enjoy them and we are excited to see all of you prestiging!

You can now obtain gems from your cells Gem Generator, something that every cell gets and can upgrade, along with you have the ability to raid other cells Gem Generators / Gem Storages.

Earning money in prison is really not that hard, however, we know any prisoner will take advantage of anything they can get ahold of. So, we're offering all of the prisoners their own jobs.
Use /jobs in-game to display our selection of three different jobs.

You may upgrade as many jobs as you want, but be aware that the amount of EXP you need to earn a token increases as time goes on! To select a job simply left-click on which one you want to use and start mining! Now, once you earn a few tokens, be sure to right-click the job to upgrade the 3 skills inside of it!

Investor - earn a substantial amount of money whilst this job is activated. There are three upgrades for this job, each increasing the amount of money the job gives to the player!

Investor (JackPot Chance) - this is one of the upgrades inside of the "Investor" job. This will increase the chance to get a Jackpot which essentially automatically sells every block that enters your inventory and then multiplies that number by a given value (dependent on your job level).

Investor (JackPot Duration) - this upgrade for the investor job will increase how long your JackPot ability works! This is one of the most important upgrades with this job because you want to make it last as long as you can!

Investor (JackPot Multiplier) - this upgrade will increase how much the money is multiplied once your Jackpot ability goes off. This can range all the way from 50% more to 300% more money per block!

HINT: Upgrading all of these in unison will significantly increase the outcome of this job!

Spelunker - this job is made for people who take advantage of the shard and lucky block system either by selling them or opening them themselves! This is a very powerful job that many of the prisoners love. This job when activated will continuously increase your chances of gaining a shard from mining and also give you a higher chance to earn a lucky block!

Spelunker (Shard Finder) - this upgrade for the Spelunker job will increase how often the job gives you an extra shard! So yes, if you want to earn more shards, this is the perfect upgrade for you!

Spelunker (Shard Forger) - perhaps wait to upgrade this until Shard Finder is maxed, but when Shard Forger does proc it will upgrade your shard to the next tier! If you were to gain a Tier 3 Shard and the Shard Forger ability would go off then you would earn a Tier 4 instead!

Spelunker (Charmed) - This upgrade will now let your job not only give you shards, but also give you the ability to earn a lucky block! A very powerful upgrade that can heavily increase the number of tokens you earn from mining via opening / earning lucky blocks and shards!

Token Master - using this job will heavily increase the number of tokens you earn whilst mining! Similar to the investor job, instead of earning more money, you will earn more tokens. As the job is upgraded by the player, the job will make the player more tokens!

Token Master (Surge Chance) - this upgrade to the Token Master job will increase how often you have a token surge which increases the number of tokens you gain! I heavily recommend upgrading this because you want to make as many tokens as possible!

Token Master (Surge Duration) - this upgrade to the Token Master job will increase how long the surge lasts for. You want this to last as long as you can because the longer means the more tokens you make!

Token Master (Surge Bonus)- this upgrade increases the multiplier at which the job is set to! So you can gain anywhere from 50% more tokens all the way to 300% more tokens per block!

Prestigeable Enchants
We already know that everyone loves our custom enchantment system that we currently have. However, we are always looking to make things better. One of the ways we are doing that this map is by introducing the enchantment prestiging system! These will definitely be tailored for LATE GAME experience, you should not go for this right off the back! To prestige an enchantment use /upgrade and select your pickaxe then select the enchantment you want to prestige. Currently, only Atom Bomb, Fortune, JackHammer, and Explosive are prestigable. When you prestige an enchantment, its level is set back to 0 and it will cost a certain amount of prestige tokens. Your enchantment level MUST be max level before being able to prestige.

Earn a cool star next to the enchant to show how many times an enchant has been prestiged!

We have added a nice reward for all our Donors/anyone who has a Donor Rank. You will now be able to obtain a reward for just being online. Do not worry non-donors, you can still get a nice boost as well from our Vote Parties.

Dungeon Revamp
When the dungeons were officially released a few maps ago, we were very excited, but then we realized we overlooked a certain part of the dungeons that nullified people's reasoning in going to them! That was the amount of time that you had to put into these dungeons to really get anything out of it. And quite frankly, it was way too much. Therefore, we have decided to revamp the rewards and the amount of time you have to spend! Earn rewards for every few minutes that you are in the dungeon, you earn physical rewards and dungeon coins which you can use to upgrade your skills. We've also changed up the difficulty of the mobs inside the arena quite a bit.
Use /dungeon with the correct tiered key and join the arena!

Hey prisoners, we heard your feedback about the raiding system and although some of the players liked the concept of it, most did not like the actual functionality of it. So, we took a step back and thought of a few ways to tweak it while it was in its current state. But upon doing that, we realized that what we had designed was not near what we had initially intended and so we have decided to completely redo this amazing plugin. We hope you come on and check it out as it is one of the most fascinating plugins ever made in a prison server.

The Bunker Core
The heart of your home, the most important object to be upgraded, this is the bunker. Access your bunker by doing /bunker and it will take you to a pre-built plot, now, the actual plot where you will be placing your defenses, offenses, and generators will be empty, however, the surrounding area will no longer be a bedrock box! The plot is 75x75 blocks and is completely customizable in your area, do with it what you want, however upon creating a cell, you will be forced to place down your bunker and first few generators.

Your bunker decides what level your defenses can reach, it decides what level of troops your army camps can train, and it also decides what level of troops your research lab will let you research! So, if it hasn't come across as important yet, let me tell you, this is a very important part of your home. To upgrade your bunker, you will need a certain amount of tokens and also money! Without these two, you will be stuck at bunker level 1, which is not what you want. For this map, there will be only 5 levels of the bunker, in the future, we plan on adding more and continuing to update the raiding system.

Storages / Generators
These two will be what everyone is after, they don't care if they destroy all your defenses, or your walls or even the bunker! All raiders want is that juicy loot that will be located inside of the storages and generators. Your cell point storage will be defaultly placed on your plot and you may move it, however, note that if you log off with it in your inventory it will just go right back to its default location, if there is something in that location, it will choose somewhere random on the map (which I'm guessing you do not want!). Similar to how the past raiding system worked, only a certain percentage of your value will be raidable and when a certain percentage of that is raided, you will receive a shield.

There will be both token and money generators which do as the name says, they generate money and tokens for you constantly. However, you may only collect the loot from these every 30 minutes, if you try and collect before then, it will not let you. To upgrade a generator, you will need both money and tokens, there will be 10 levels in total for each generator, and how high you can level them up is dependent on the level of your bunker. The amount that can be raided from these token and money generators is 100%. If there are 100,000 tokens sitting in your generator, well, 100,000 tokens may be raided from that generator! Protect them wisely and use them to your advantage!




These are one of the most important defenses you can have, it is what keeps those pesky attackers away from your core! I highly recommend using these otherwise, be aware, you will be trampled by the attackers. There will be 6 versions of a wall that you may have, and the level of the wall that you can have is dependent on the level of your bunker. There will be a certain amount of walls that you can place as well which is dependent on the level of your bunker. To upgrade the wall, simply use tokens and money and upgrade away!

Offensive Troops
Use these troops to your advantage and use them to take advantage of weak spots in enemy bases.

The Robber - this troop will act as your cannon fodder for your more powerful offensive troops in the back. However, they still pack a punch, use these strategically and let them do the hard work for you!

Suicide Bombers - Similar to what we had in our past raiding setup, these bombers are a one-time ticking bomb. They target walls and will blow up as soon as they get within the radius of it! Once blown up, they are killed instantly, no longer will they be ripping through your walls like no other!

What is all this for if you can't defend your base right? Currently, there are four defenses, in the future, we plan on adding many more of these to make your experience much better! These will also be purchasable with tokens and money, and the level of them that you can reach is dependent on the level of your bunker!

The Lawyer - place this strategically as it does not do any damage to the troops, but will continuously slow down troops by a certain percentage if they are within range of the defense! These can devastate an attack simply by just running them out of time or by putting them in the radius of more deadly defenses for longer!

The Gunman Tower - with a custom-built tower, this defense will reign arrows down onto the attackers below. To kill this defense, one must destroy the tower! These have very long-range, but little damage. However, without these, the offensive troops may not be low enough by the time they reach your main defenses to be put to rest!

The Guard - this troop works similarly to the barbarians located on the offensive troop side. These go in, over walls and attack at the nearest offense. They have a limited range but they will do deadly damage to your opponents. Be aware of these if you're the attacker and take note of where they are stationed!

Pickaxes/backpacks can once again be shared & 10% of your money goes to your money storage at your cells bunker anytime you sell, additionally anytime you mine a block you now get 7.5 cell value versus 1! Also note that just about everything has been redeveloped from the ground up, and has been perfected to provide you a prison experience like no other.


Finally, I hope you all enjoy this reset, we will be doing WEEKLY updates on this and constantly listening to the community on many aspects of the server. If you haven't already, be sure to join our official PvPLab discord and leave your comments and suggestions there.

Our team hopes to see everyone on the map, Sunday at 4pm est!
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