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  1. IAmVelocity

    want to become admin.

    Wrong section, all of our staff applications go through the application section of the forums.
  2. IAmVelocity

    Leader transfer

    Make a ticket on our discord and we can help you out there :)
  3. IAmVelocity

    I paid for two monthly crates for Heros vs villians on skyblock

    Make a ticket on our discord! Go to the commands section and do .ticket buycraft and one of our staff members can help you out
  4. IAmVelocity

    Problem on Federal Prisons

    The best way to contact us is through discord! Type /discord in-game and it will give you the link to our public discord server. under the commands, section do .ticket (realm ex. skyblock) :)
  5. IAmVelocity

    Scammed By Server

    Hey bludd, the best way for staff to help you resolve your problem is by making a ticket on our discord. To make a buycraft ticket join the discord and go to the commands chat. Once there do .ticket Buycraft and explain the situation in the correct format there. Here is the discord line...
  6. IAmVelocity


    You can make a ban appeal here on the forums. Forums -> Player Reports And Appeals -> Ban Appeals Section.